Self Published and Proud

'Publishing paper books in our digitally orientated world. I love them. It almost seems as though I have a weakness for books with adorable printing on deep, heavy coated matt art paper that are bound in luxury silks with an informative emboss on their cover.'

The decision to self-publish was a significant moment for me. Interest in my projects from mainstream publishers was strong, but I felt the work deserved to be presented in a way that held true to the integrity of the images and the subject matter. I wanted my books to be unlike anything else available on the market. Within a short period, I went from being a busy photographer to an even busier book publisher. Plunged into a new world of design, print and production schedules, it would have been easy to feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the task in hand. Where could I find the ideal printing company capable of producing the book to the quality I wanted? How would people get hold of the book? How would people get to hear about the book in the first place? My belief in the unique stories kept me going through some dark moments! Schedules had to be altered several times to allow for editing and restructuring or simply waiting for the right moment to publish.

When the first proofs emerged from my design studio in early 2013 for my first title, ‘From the Land’, I breathed a big sigh of relief. The book looked great. It was a true account of my journey to the heart of the Hebrides – and a proud milestone in self-publishing.

Tyler Knott Gregson - Saorsa

It's a rare thing when someone’s artistic interpretation of the world around us accurately represents the reality itself. It's a rarer thing, when the art that someone is compelled to make not only captures that reality, but absolutely and completely surpasses it. The images Ian Lawson makes, the world he captures, the stories he tells, immerse you in a Hebridean landscape and culture that feels nothing short of magical.'


Sarah Linden - Shepherdess

Being gifted a book is a sacred thing, but being gifted a book like The Shepherdess, is something different altogether. For my birthday, I was given Ian Lawson’s book, and from the first moment I held it, opened its pages, and fell into the world of this amazing woman, I was blown away. Such determination, such strength, and such enviable grace poured out of the pages, and I honestly do not believe anyone other than Ian could have told this heartfelt story.

SARAH LINDEN The General Mercantile Co. Montana US

Carolin & Nils Stierand - Saorsa Book
© Carolin & Nils Stierand Scheenberg Germany

Over the course of the last ten years or so, my husband and I have developed a strong relationship with Scotland – the land and culture always had an inspiring and captivating effect on us. Especially the Highlands and Islands are fascinating areas of outstanding natural beauty. The permanence of the mountains and sea is something quite comforting in an otherwise transient world. As a consequence and result of our emotional bond, we chose Harris as our elopement wedding destination; something which isn’t the norm when you live in rural Germany. We regard the Outer Hebrides as one of the most charismatic and wonderful places in the entire world. In terms of landscape, it is wildly diverse and hard to put into words, but the embedded spirit of place is humbleness – this remote part has fortunately managed to retain its authenticity and uniqueness.

With this in mind, we have always considered the opus by Ian Lawson From the Land Comes the Cloth as a true masterpiece. It’s a homage full of passion and detail; and indeed the reference for any account about Harris. When I stumbled about Ian’s new work Saorsa in late 2018, I thought it would make the perfect Christmas gift for my husband. And so it was. We will always carry the memories of the Western Isles in our heart, but the books by Ian are invaluable visual reminders in the most perfect way. There is nothing better than a miserable Sunday back home which provides the ideal opportunity to browse through his wonderful photography. It is impossible to describe his works, you have to see and experience for yourself. Every page leaves you in simple awe and inspiration. Ian, thank you so much for sharing your unconditional love of the Western Isles with the world. We will always hold your books in highest regard.

CAROLIN & NILS STIERAND Scheenberg, Germany

Ian Lawson Books

Price Promise

My books are emotional investments. The unique stories, aesthetics, Italian craftsmanship and luxurious printing render each creation a lasting legacy in itself. Besides, for any discerning book lover, the true value is emotional.

First, making my photographs and secondly, creating all that goes into my opus sized books - design, artwork, writing, editorial, proofing, printing and the binding are all very expensive, both emotionally and financially. I’ve only ever followed my ambition to make the most beautifully created art photography books I could imagine up. They are slow motion encounters. It’s about quality and specialness not quantity. The secret of my imprint is keeping it small and artisinal. Each and every copy created by my Italian print house and bindery is a proud achievement and it is only with your kind support that I am able to continue my quest.

So, such is the love and care embodied in my work, my books will never be found discounted at any time. A safe investment for my customers peace of mind.

Thank You