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Outer Hebrides


Freedom of the Outer Hebrides

What follows may best be imagined as one photographer's homage to the Outer Hebrides; resulting in a captivating and unprecedented collection of photographs bound in stunning book form. Saorsa captures more than mere vistas, it has captured the archipelago's soul. This heartfelt showcase for Hebridean culture and landscape is not only an emotional joy to look at, but also an invaluable time capsule of the distinct island heritage connected to the crofting and weaving stories of Harris Tweed.

Saorsa (n.) Scottish Gaelic for Freedom, Liberty.

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* Revised and Updated Edition available March 2020

Ian Lawson - Saorsa Book
Ian Lawson - Saorsa

Yorkshire Dales


One Woman Farm

In breathtakingly emotive photographs, Alison O'Neill, The Shepherdess, is intimately revealed as the custodian of a cherished Dales hill farm, tackling and embracing the challenges in her path through the year’s progress. Her enduring pleasure of nurturing her flock, revelling in the beauty that surrounds her and marvelling at how nature rewards her toil, flows out of every large format artwork. Ian Lawson's tough and tender portraits show a remarkable woman living a ‘real-life’ who has struggled, done without and worked so very hard to survive on her tenanted farm. A once in a lifetime book full of truths, tears and lots of triumphs to top all other tales of woe.


Ian Lawson - Shepherdess
Ian Lawson - Shepherdess

Lake District


A Portrait of Lakeland

A genuinely honest labour of love, a project which has encompassed years of camera work and dedication to create this lovingly crafted work of art. A breed as noble as the Herdwick deserves no less. Narrated through sweeping landscapes and intimate portraits of mountain shepherds and their doughty Herdwick sheep, ‘the little grey monarch of the fells’ this very rare book documents one notional year in England’s Lake District National Park.

Herdwick (n.) A sheep of a hardy mountain breed found in a very special corner of Northern England.

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* New Edition Coming April 2020

Ian Lawson - Herdwick
Ian Lawson - Herdwick

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