Ian Lawson - Saorsa

Outer Hebrides Scotland


Saorsa (n.) Scottish Gaelic for Freedom, Liberty.

I crossed the Hebridean sea looking for a different world. And I found it. Its amazing what beautiful things you can do with your camera when you 
believe in something. I found my creative freedom here. A dream became a reality and after a lifetimes worth of heartfelt photography I’m now delighted to present the next edition of SAORSA.

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From the Land of the Loom

A woven landscape, cultural richness, brilliant tweed and 
romantic colours. What’s not to love? While a brief online perusal of SAORSA in no way compares to the physical joy of holding and owning a beautiful work of art in one's hands, I nonetheless want to give you some semblance of the images, words and design.

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