Ian Lawson presents three extraordinary book projects. Evocative collections of photographs revealing landscapes and lives from the Outer Hebrides, Yorkshire Dales and Lake District.

Ian Lawson - One photographer


Freedom of the Outer Hebrides

I travelled to a faraway place with more rain, sheep, light and bilingual signs. I wanted wider skies, sea-mountains, white beaches and bigger colours. It was to be a rendezvous with beauty, an encounter with living landscape, of revelations woven in Harris Tweed, and a revival of inner spirit among modernity.

Ian Lawson - Saorsa


Saorsa £155.00

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One Woman Farm - Yorkshire Dales

A captivating and unprecedented collection of photographs ... A year on the farm with Shepherdess, Alison O’Neill. A new lens through which to appreciate this ‘true-to-life, much loved Dales woman. Over 335 images offer one of the most mesmerising and inspirational photographic series you will ever encounter. All bound together as a stunning, collectors special edition.

Ian Lawson - Shepherdess


Shepherdess £155.00

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The Lake District

A genuinely honest labour of love, a project which has encompassed years of camera work and dedication to create this beautifully imagined work of art. A breed as noble as the Herdwick deserves no less. Narrated through sweeping landscapes and intimate portraits of mountain shepherds and their doughty Herdwick sheep, ‘the little grey monarch of the fells.’

Ian Lawson - Herdwick

Herdwick £135.00

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