My purpose in life's journey of expression is indulging and embracing with the joy of photography.

No ordinary landscape photographer, Ian has spent many years immersed in the places and cultures he depicts. This deeply personal relationship with the land is expressed through exceptional photo-documentaries and thought-provoking books. His fine-art prints are made to be treasured, just like the communities, rare habitats and traditional ways of life they portray.



Exquisitely embellished books celebrating our precious cultural heritage.

Travel deep into the heartlands of rural Britain where centuries of tradition continue to endure in the daily working lives of remarkable men and women. Ian's compelling portraits of people and their places at the edge of contemporary society will remain with you forever.

Ian Lawson - Herdwick


A Portrait of Lakeland

Herdwick is a beautifully imagined and considered body of photographic work and writings bound in book form.

Through his luminous evocations of landscape and simple but intensely observed portraits of Herdwick sheep and their flockmasters, Ian leads us through the changing seasons and narrates for us, in photographs, a year in the iconic English Lakeland.

Ian Lawson - From The Land

From The Land

Comes the cloth

This illuminating latest edition exploring the interior lives of his subjects living in the Outer Hebrides and their connections to the tweed landscape is a triumph. Through Ian's sensitive photography the resulting images speak of dignity and beauty rather than hardship and exploitation.

Everywhere is apparent his deep affection and affinity for an island where he found his way in life, and to which he has felt compelled to return throughout the last 12 years of this life.

Ian Lawson - Shepherdess


Seasons of my life

Shepherdess follows the remarkable story of Alison O' Neill as she tends her working hill farm on the Howgill Fells, Cumbria.

Embracing the hard realities of life in a remote and physically challenging environment, her story is an inspiration to trust and follow your deepest held dreams and aspirations. Ian captures the charm of everyday moments, creating a picture of a life lived with passion and heart

“...a beautiful foreground to a classic view, the finest in Britain... a picture that would defeat a Constable or a Turner”. AJ Wainwright in Scotland.. Sea Mountains - Elgol, Isle of Skye

About Ian Lawson

About Ian

I work in the art of the possible by immersing myself in photography, design and culture. I do the photography that's important for me. I live totally inside photography doing self-initiated years long projects. "I have two ways to express my art.

On one side I do books and on the other side I do exhibitions. Both have the same importance for me. But I always try to leave not a feeling for valuable items or objects, but an experience.

Harris Tweed Exhibition

Upcoming Exhibition

Ian is renowned for the long-term projects he undertakes, devoting years at a time to documenting the story of a particular people or the evolution of a certain place.

Here, he tells a deeply personal story of the craft that inspired him, and shows breathtaking images on a grand scale from his book, From the Land, which documents the world's most desired tweed textile, it's people and their windswept Hebridean landscape.

Ian Lawson - Tuscany Escape

Tuscan Escape

Fulfilling a dream to capture the magical essence of an alluring world , Ian's personal portrait presents you with a ‘gently-born land ’ softened by Tuscan light.

It is here, in the Val d'Orcia, that you encounter the real Tuscany. With every step he took, Ian could sense the incredibly rich history around him. The distant past meets the present in vistas reminiscent of Italian masterpieces.

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