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Ian Lawson - Herdwick Lakeland
Herdwick Lakeland - Classic Edition
Herdwick Lakeland - Lake District Photography
Herdwick Lakeland - A Unique World of Mountains and Little Grey Sheep

From the Land Comes the Cloth

A journey to the HEART of the Outer Hebrides

“The dream was always to find the unknown. That glimpse of purity in an ever-modernizing world. A place of pristine nature,
cultural richness, and people pure of heart. I went on a journey of discovery and it was worth it.”

‘New’ Slipcased Classic Edition
Arrives 7.8.15
Three ‘New’ 2015 Slipcased specials available from 25.9.15
From The Land Comes the Cloth - Classic Edition
From the Land
Classic Edition £125.00
From The Land Comes the Cloth - Red Label Edition
From the Land
Red Label Edition £175.00

Sold Out
From The Land Comes the Cloth - Limited Gold Edition
From the Land
Orb Gold Edition £175.00

Sold Out

Herdwick - A Portrait of Lakeland

A treasured gift for the eyes, hearts and minds of ALL lovers of the Lake District

I have romantic, old-fashioned views about the landscapes I photograph… I love to see people going about their time-served ways, I like to hear what they have to say, what they feel and experience in their lives and most importantly, what the place means to them. This is, in essence, what Herdwick is all about.’

Two ‘New’ 2015 Slipcased editions available from 15.9.15
Herdwick - Classic Edition
Special Edition £125.00

Sold Out
Herdwick - Special Edition
Classic Edition £155.00

Sold Out
Herdwick - Beatrix Potter Edition
Beatrix Potter Edition £155.00

Sold Out
I Travelled Deep into the Heartlands of Rural Britain.
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Ian Lawson Books

Luxury ARTFUL books celebrating our precious cultural heritage.

Ian Lawson Books is an independent publishing company specialising in thought-provoking, collectors books. Travel deep into the heartlands of rural Britain where centuries of tradition continue to endure in the daily working lives of remarkable men and women. Ian’s compelling portraits of people and their places at the edge of contemporary society will remain with you forever.

‘My books are emotional investments. Aesthetics, craftmanship and luxurious printing render each artisan creation a lasting legacy in itself. Besides, for any discerning book lover, the true value is emotional.’

Such is the love and care embodied in the work, Ian’s books will never be found discounted anywhere outwith his purview at any time. Similarly all sales of the book are arranged through the artist directly ensuring a personal level of service and satisfaction that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

Purchased copies can be distributed worldwide from here in the UK and are packaged in bespoke shipping boxes to arrive in your hands in perfect condition. Full insurance is included to guarantee possession is taken safely whatever your location.


All around the world, people are enjoying their stunning new offering, From the Land Comes the Cloth.

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