From The Land Comes the Cloth - Classic Edition
From the Land
Comes the Cloth
Classic Edition £125
From The Land Comes the Cloth - Limited Edition
From the Land
Comes the Cloth
Limited Edition £155
From The Land Comes the Cloth - Platinum Edition
From the Land
Comes the Cloth
Platinum Edition £155

A Journey to the Heart of The Outer Hebrides

“The photographs within the book represent what I love about photography in the Hebrides – at times being close to people and sharing moments on the crofts, fanks and in the loom-sheds, but at others being far from society and with only the geographies of stunning beauty. Discover the intimate connection between land, cloth and weaver.”

Herdwick - Classic Edition
A Portrait of Lakeland
Classic Edition £125
Herdwick - Special Edition
A Portrait of Lakeland
Special Edition £155
Herdwick - Beatrix Potter Edition
A Portrait of Lakeland
Beatrix Potter Edition £155

A gift for the eyes, hearts and minds of all lovers of lakeland

‘I have romantic, old-fashioned views about the landscapes I photograph… I love to see people going about their time-served ways, I like to hear what they have to say, what they feel and experience in their lives and most importantly, what the place means to them. This is, in essence, what Herdwick is all about.’

Ian Lawson - Photographer
Keeping close to Nature's Heart
“The camera offered me a way of truly being myself.
It gave me a licence to go and photograph all that inspired me.” IAN LAWSON
Ian Lawson Books
Luxury ART books celebrating our precious cultural heritage.
“Ian’s books are beautifully imagined, meticulously considered and artistically crafted entirely in the UK” Book Awards

IAN LAWSON BOOKS: "Ian Lawson Books is an independent publishing company specialising in thought-provoking books of unsurpassed visual aesthetic. Travel deep into the heartlands of rural Britain where centuries of tradition continue to endure in the daily working lives of remarkable men and women. Ian’s compelling portraits of people and their places at the edge of contemporary society will remain with you forever.".

Coming Soon

A Great British Girl!

Alison O'Neill - Shepherdess Classic Edition Book
A Great British Girl

Classic Edition £45
Publishing September 14

"Shepherdessfollows the remarkable story of Alison O’ Neill as she tends her hill farm on the Howgill Fells, Cumbria. Embracing the hard realities of life in a remote and physically challenging environment, her story inspires and encourages readers to trust and follow their deepest held dreams and aspirations. Ian vividly captures the simple but profound charm of everyday moments, intimately documenting a rare life lived with passion and heart. Alison describes herself as ‘a true country woman’ and Shepherdess sets out to convey the countryside she loves with deep conviction and reveal the truths of one unique woman, living and working her land, in every season."



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