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LUMINOUS LIGHT 170 x 135cm Custom Dibond with recessed aluminium 'float-mount'.

Land of Lavender

It is a secret that everybody knows; the warmth, light and herbal aromas and the deep-rooted civilisation that rounds out the sensuality. When the calling comes upon me, it’s all but irresistible. High up on the mountainous plateaus I will be found wandering in, and wondering at the most extensive and beautiful lavender fields I can find. While for some, nothing less than a ‘Year in Provence’ would do, two weeks during the lavender season is no less good for the soul. If chance is on my side, perhaps there will be a good sky and a luminous light for my photographs. Provence feels very much like slipping into an artist’s canvas with its ochre earth tones, silver olive trees and scarlet poppies erupting amongst acres of ripening wheat. Catch the aroma of lavender on the breeze and lose yourself in the heady beauty of the Provencale landscapes.

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Ian Lawson - Valley of the Sun

VALLEY OF THE SUN 240 x 80cm Dibond with recessed aluminium 'float-mount'.