Art Prints
The Outer Hebrides

SKIRMISH IN THE SKY 180 x 135cm Dibond / Float-Mount Aluminium Sub-Frame

For Lovers of Freedom

Capable of provoking the strongest feelings of longing and attachment, the Outer Hebrides are brought vividly to life in this rare collection of photographs from my years of exploration and adventure. At turns serenely beautiful and ruggedly fierce, these pictures transport you to a faraway land steeped in myth and memory. A land influenced by Celts and Vikings, a land shaped by the force of the elements and centuries of hard croft work. My Hebridean prints make it possible for you to revisit a favourite beach or hidden cove; to walk the white sands of Harris or relive midsummer nights when the air is sweet with the scent of wild machair flowers.

Landscape Panoramic Square