Art Prints
Herdwick Country

ANCIENT RIGHTS 140 x 105cm custom Dibond with Black Shadow Gap Frame.

Land of Little Grey Sheep

I immersed myself in the richness of this Lakeland world, a land of little grey sheep, local dialect, stone walls, mountainside and bird song. Herdwicks have allowed me to give something back to a place that has been the inspiration for so many creative adventures. I have come to love spending time in their less-complicated world and believe that those of us who treasure both wild places and quiet scenery shaped by centuries of careful labour, must dedicate ourselves to ensuring that this priceless heritage is safeguarded, primarily for the people who work the land, but also for those who are drawn to it as a place of respite from crowded streets and busy city lives. Here, in this small space, is the wonderland of Lakeland.

Landscape Panoramic Square