LuskentyreOuter Hebrides - 100 x 75cm Giclée with white gallery frame.

Guide to Ian's Prints

'Thank you for your interest in my artwork'

'It's a very special, and unique feeling, selling a piece of personal work. The ultimate compliment you can bestow me. The real value in my fine art prints lies in their ability to add connection to your life, to a place in the world you love.'

SeilebostIsle of Harris - 130 x 98cm Dibond with white maple shadow-box frame.

Print Finish Options

My photographs are available in two print offerings in a wide range of sizes from desktop to mural. Whichever finish or size you choose your artwork will have the highest quality with spectacular detail and colour tone.

#1 Fine Art Giclée

Sizes From: 40cm - 72cm wide.


Imagine photographic prints being capable of the same pleasure, finesse, and display life as any oil painting. This is how my work looks when printed by the Giclée process, they have all the nuance, fine detail feel of a precious artifact. I only specify the best 100% cotton papers using the finest archival ink-sets yet made. The finished artwork is window mounted with Arquadia® bright white conservation board together with a backing board and edge sealed. They are presented in crystal cello wrap so you can safely view and enjoy straight out of the box before choosing your frame.

Prices from £85.00 Free UK Delivery

Premium Framing Service with ArtGlass

If you prefer to receive a ready-to-hang artwork, choose the framing option and have your Giclée print finished in a classic gallery profile with either a black oak, white, flint grey or oak wood finish. Most importantly, when viewed behind reflection free Groglas® Art Glass it gives you a much more enjoyable viewing experience in that you can fully 
appreciate the artwork with no distractions. Whilst this is significantly more expensive than standard picture glass it is nevertheless my default specification for glazing. There’s no point in having a beautiful framed print if you can’t see it properly!

Prices from £265.00 Free UK Delivery

Blea Tarn - Lake District Blea Tarn Lake District - 130 x 90cm Giclée with white gallery frame.
Ullswater - Lake District Ullswater Lake District - 100 x 75cm Dibond with 22mm white maple shadow-gap frame.

#2 Museum Dibond

Sizes From: 100cm - 160cm wide.

The Gallery Dibond design is more contemporary offering and appropriate for any size and ambiance where the picture can be displayed with no disturbances. There is no glass required, letting you hang your artwork wherever you choose, regardless of lighting. A much loved product for both home and corporate collectors.

Once created the photographic print is first mounted on to 3mm Aluminium Dibond backing and then surface protected by an optically clear anti-glare laminate with a subtle matt finish. This is both UV resistant and durable making it easy to keep the artwork in perfect condition. To complete the build a recessed aluminium sub-frame is fixed to the rear. Unseen to the viewer these are known as ’float mounts’. They provide extra strength and also create a visible space between the mounted work and the wall giving a three dimensional presence with a sleek modernist look.

There is also an option to add a Shadow Gap Frame in lieu of the rear sub-frame for an elegant, yet even more striking appearance. Which ever Dibond style you choose both are ready to hang straight out of the box.

Prices from £445.00

Free Delivery to UK & Mainland Europe

Designed for a long life

Perfect prints are guaranteed every time. I alone, prepare and optimise my photographs. A form of pre-press, the perfection of my print-ready files whereby I proof-test in-house and then hand over to skilled art printers who faithfully bring my visions to life. I meet the highest standards by only commissioning Pro-grade photo imaging experts working with museum quality materials and state-of-the-art technology.

Pienza Tuscany - 120 x 90cm Giclée with white gallery frame.

Coniston Lake District - 270 x 90cm Dibond with recessed aluminium 'float-mount'.

Wasdale Head Lake District - 89 x 70cm Giclée with white gallery frame.

Blea Tarn Lake District - 150 x 112cm Dibond with Black Oak shadow-box frame.

Delivery Time / Art Secure Shipping

UK and EUROPE - Production / Delivery time takes from 10-15 working days from the date your order is placed.

REST OF WORLD - Depending upon your destination country some international delivery times may take a little longer.

* Please note that we do not ship any framed Giclee artworks outwith of the UK. However, Dibond prints do ship worldwide. All artworks are professionally wrapped in art-secure packaging and fully insured with our couriers for safe shipping to you.

Ullswater Lake District - 240 x 80cm Dibond with recessed aluminium ‘float-mount’. [Custom order]

To Taransay Outer Hebrides - 180 x 130cm Dibond with 22mmwhite maple shadow-box frame.

Buttermere Lake District - 150 x 50cm Dibond with 22mm black oak shadow-box frame.

Luskentyre Outer Hebrides - 240 x 80cm Dibond with 22mm white maple shadow-box frame. [Custom Order].

Blea Tarn Lake District - 180 x 60cm Dibond with recessed aluminium ‘float-mount’.

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