Testimonials Wherever in the world From The Land journeys to, it will touch your heart.
‘From the Land is perfection for me, these are pages of visual poetry. A beautiful work of art that trigger wonderful emotions in my heart.’ Benoit Claro Paris
‘ A page every day I think it will be as time does not matter for something so timeless as your book. I hope the book finds its way into many homes on all the continents.’ Gabriella Steiner Switzerland
‘ From the Land Comes the Cloth captures more than mere vistas, it has captured the archipelago’s soul.’ Patrick Grant London
‘ The Hebrides through your eyes, colours that radiate.’ Mireia Nebot Barcelona

Ian's Artisan Book Company

Luxury artful books celebrating our precious cultural heritage.

‘My philosophy works with the idea that books can themselves become their own pieces of highly sought-after art. The making of my books is a collaboration with the place and its peoples. Their lives, their work and connection to their landscape are at the centre of my work and they are involved all the way through the photography process, making the books original, personal and desirable - like great art should be.’

Ian Lawson Books is an independent publishing company specialising in thought-provoking, collectors books. Travel deep into the heartlands of rural Britain where centuries of tradition continue to endure in the daily working lives of remarkable men and women. Ian's compelling portraits of people and their places at the edge of contemporary society will remain with you forever.

Ian's respect for traditional ways of life on the margins of mainstream contemporary society prompted him to establish his own publishing company in order to raise the profile of these valuable and irreplaceable communities and individuals. His ultimate aim is to create a better understanding of the profound importance of diverse cultural groups to humanity as a whole through their innate ancient knowledge, minority languages and dialects and close connection to nature.

‘Cultural loss means the disappearance of memory and history, but it is also a loss of potential, a loss to the future. By documenting the working lives of fragile societies, my aim is to inspire others to take notice of what is at stake for us all.’

Self-Published and Proud

Behind the books

‘Publishing paper books in our digitally orientated world. I love them. It almost seems as though I have a weakness for books with adorable printing on deep, lustrous heavy coated paper that are bound in luxury silks with an informative emboss on their cover.’

The decision to self-publish was a significant moment for me. Interest in my projects from mainstream publishers and bookstores was growing, but I felt the work deserved to be presented in a way that held true to the integrity of the images and the subject matter. I wanted my books to be unlike anything else available on the market. Within a couple of years, I went from being a busy commissioned photographer to an even busier book publisher. Plunged into a new world of design, print and production schedules, it would have been easy to feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the task in hand. Where could I find a printing company capable of producing the book to the quality I wanted? How would people get hold of the book? How would people get to hear about the book in the first place? My belief in the unique stories kept me going through some dark moments! Schedules had to be altered several times to allow for editing and restructuring or simply waiting for the right moment to publish.

For my first title, From the Land, a huge boost of confidence came from the Harris Tweed Authority in Stornoway. On the strength of the work, I was granted special permission to re-produce the much celebrated Orb Trademark on the cover. A real honour for an Englishman! HRH Prince Charles also kindly agreed to write a foreword, another indicator of how strong is the feeling for wool tweeds and those who weave it in all walks of life.

When the first proofs emerged from my design studio in early 2013, I breathed a big sigh of relief. The book looked great. It was a true account of my journey to the heart of the Hebrides - and a milestone in self-publishing! My printing and binding is now in the careful hands of master craftsmen and women in Vicenza, Italy.

Price Promise

A safe investment for my customers peace of mind.

Such is the love and care embodied in the work, Ian's books will never be found discounted anywhere outwith his purview at any time. Similarly all sales of the book are arranged through the artist directly ensuring a personal level of service and satisfaction that cannot be replicated elsewhere. Purchased copies can be distributed worldwide from here in the UK and are packaged in bespoke shipping boxes to arrive in your hands in perfect condition. Full insurance is included to guarantee possession is taken safely whatever your location.

“I'm lucky enough to be independent and without demands upon what I'm doing, so I have the luxury of time, so I do things in a very old fashioned way. I take years to make my books. They are slow motion encounters. It's about quality and specialness not quantity. The secret of my imprint is keeping it small and artisinal.”

“I didn't mind that it was going to take years and years to finish them because in the end what counts is the result, achieving the real landmark publication. Big pictures that you can live with for a full day. Spending £135.00 or more on a book is a considered investment for most, but you get to own something beautiful and rare. That's what I call a good investment.”

“Such a range of people buy my short-run editions,“ explains Ian. “ Luxury publishing is not a class issue - all kinds of people invest as a one-off treasure.” .