“Photography allowed me to see anything that I wished to see on this planet. Anything that calls to my heart, I want to see it and to photograph it. Anything that tells a story. Anything that I think is beautiful enough to show, I show it. In short, I love what I do and I put photography as my life.”

Ian Lawson

“I work in the art of the possible by immersing myself in photography, design and culture. I do the photography that's important to me, engaging my spirit completely, often in self-initiated, years long projects.”

“I express my art in two ways. I create books and I produce exhibitions. Both have equal importance for me, but through each I try to engender a deeper experience, something that transcends the simple physicality of the objects themselves.”


Solace and Inspiration in the open air

Born in Manchester, England, Ian Lawson's early years were spent in rural Lancashire where he nurtured his love for nature and the landscape. At high school Ian's passion was the visual arts, with photography the perfect medium to express his thoughts and experiences. He studied at Manchester Polytechnic for a BA Hons degree in Fine Art Photography and in the years after graduation, he perfected his craft and gained acclaimed commercial success with a 25 year freelance career. In 2004, Ian experienced a shift in perspective, and increasingly began to devote his attention to capturing cultural landscapes. It is a decision he has never regretted. In 2009, Ian moved to the Lake District National Park, a place that has always been close to his heart and which remains a constant source of inspiration for his personal work.

It is a move that has allowed Ian to develop the style and content characterising his work today. Ian now works exclusively within the landscape documentary genre, filling his time with self-initiated projects including his own publishing company, Ian Lawson Books, to create unique stories about the people and places he has come to love.

“With a camera in hand I can make my most fantastic dreams come true. Hopefully my passion and photographs will inspire or bring pleasure into someone's life, as they have done for me.”

Inspiration From the Land

My Photographic Tribute to Sheep and their Landscapes

“I have chronicled sheep, shepherds and their landscapes for the last ten years. It was a creative response to the people and places that inspired me. These native hill sheep made me the photographer I am today.”