Art Prints

IL CIPRESSINI-180 x 60cm Dibond with Black Shadow Gap Frame.

The Val D’Orcia

When I think of Italy, this is the vision that comes to mind. Fulfilling a dream to capture the magical essence of an alluring world, this print collection presents you with a ‘gently-born land’ softened by Tuscan light. It is here, in the Val d’Orcia, that you encounter the real Tuscany. With every step I took, I could sense the incredibly rich history surrounding me. These areas tell stories - thousands of years old. The distant past meets the present in vistas reminiscent of Italian masterpieces – rolling hills, medieval hilltop villages, old farmhouses and orderly vineyards. I open my lens to one of the few places where one can view the present with the eyes of the past. My carefree spring and autumn days, spent along back roads searching for the soul of the landscape are simply the finest of Tuscan experiences.

Coming 1st November 2020